Wakirike Unity Concert Donations

The overriding goal of Wakirike Unity Concert is to contribute to Unity in Kirike Be Se.
This year’s concert is scheduled for Sunday, 1st December 2019 and preparations are already in top gear. Choir rehearsals have started at several locations. Between rehearsals, discussions continue in various groups on social media. The immediate benefit is that our Choristers, Choirmasters and Organists will work together, by so doing slowly pull down the wall between our church denominations and bring our communities closer.
We are starting a massive fund drive and we would like every Wakirike youth, man and woman to give some money towards the Concert, anything from one thousand naira (#1,000) to one million naira (#1,000,000). Little drops of water make a mighty ocean and every little helps.
One objective is that we would have sufficient funds after paying for the Concert to transform the life of at least one youth from each participating church or community by providing financial support for them to acquire Skills for Life towards self-employment or to be gainfully employed.
At the community level, the Concert will be a ‘feel good factor’ for all of us at home and abroad (via live broadcast) because for the third year running, the Wakirike people would do what no other community has done in Rivers State – bringing together a thousand-voice mass choir to sing praises to God. In our unity, we will command the Lord’s blessings and His peace will be upon our land. Our Chiefs, Kings, and politicians will be united and together with the people work hand-in-hand to bring development to our land.
Please donate to Wakirike Unity Concert 2019 by clicking any of the amount buttons below.
Thank you and God bless.

On behalf of all the Choristers, Choirmasters, Organists and Concert volunteers.

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