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How To Join Wakirike Development Coalition

1. Membership is open to all well-meaning sons and daughters of Kirike Be Se


2. Individual Membership is by subscription – completion of a membership form and payment of a one-off registration fee of N10,000; £50 or $60 or its equivalent in Euros or any other currency. Members are encouraged to make further, free-will contributions – money, time, resources and skills.


3. Corporate bodies and SME can collaborate with Wakirike Development Coalition to actualize their Corporate Social Responsibility. The caliber of men and women of integrity in the Coalition, our transparency and accountability – our third Annual


Report being published promptly is a testament that you can rely on us to “do what we say we will do”



1)Financial members of Wakirike organisations which fund development projects through us are Group Members of the Coalition. Our Board of Trustees and the Coalition leaders oversee the development projects in our towns.


2) All elected Presidents of the Wakirike organisations below are Co-opted Trustees of the Coalition and will be involved in the decision-making process.


3) The Coalition is ‘on ground’ in Port Harcourt with a Project Manager and Leadership team to plan, commission (Wakirike-serving NGOs), monitor, evaluate and report to project funders.


In 2013 and beyond, we will continue with individual and family level interventions but more importantly, we will pursue partnerships with government and organised private sector to carry out joint ventures strictly for the good of our people.


This will enable us to fulfil one of our objectives: “To harness the skills and expertise of the Wakirike people all over the world in improving the built environment and provision of public services in Kirike Se, with the objective of improving the quality of life of our people.”


The main purpose of the Coalition is to mobilise like-minded men and women to contribute their money, time and resources to help others. We will utilize every means of communication to reach everyone who can add value to the Coalition and get more of our people to give to good causes.


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“I joined the coalition because I believe to get anything done in our society you need people of like-minds to come together and the coalition represents just that.” – Abiye Iyo PHD



    About Us

    Together, we can achieve so much more. Perhaps, the time has now come for you to become a financial contributor to the on-going projects of the Coalition (if you are not already doing so). I also encourage our current members to TELL others about the Coalition and invite them to join.