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About Us





On behalf of the Trustees of Wakirike Development Coalition, I am pleased to welcome you to our website. Wakirike Development Coalition was inaugurated on 29 May 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. as a non-political organisation open to well-meaning sons and daughters of Kirike Be Se from all over the world. We are apolitical, focused on development and have a commitment to lift our people out of poverty on the road to prosperity one family at a time. All we have been able to achieve has been through the voluntary contributions of our members and a few friends of the Coalition. We are one family with integrity as our watchword.

Everything is done transparently and we account for every naira, pound and dollar that has so far been given to us. Our long range strategy is to advocate, lobby and aggregate visionary and people-oriented leaders in our land to facilitate sustainable development. We have so far raised funds from subscriptions paid by new members and the continuing free will donation by Wakirike sons and daughters who are existing members of the Coalition……and a few others who are yet to take the next step of becoming members!  We are thankful to God that every member of the Coalition wants to ‘put something back’ to our motherland.

We are also thankful to friends of our land who have extended their material and moral support to us. May God reward you all richly. The last few months have been very exciting with the commencement of the Coalition’s Skills Acquisition Programme. We are keen to work with corporate bodies, small and medium enterprise organisations and encourage you to partner with the Coalition as you execute your Corporate and Social Responsibility. Our members have a track record of managing successful programmes in their individual pursuits prior to coming together to form the Coalition.

Together, we can achieve so much more. Perhaps, the time has now come for you to become a financial contributor to the on-going projects of the Coalition (if you are not already doing so). I also encourage our current members to TELL others about the Coalition and invite them to join. In 2017 and beyond, we are looking forward to more public-private-voluntary sector partnerships. Let me conclude by again sending our profound gratitude to all of you who have contributed your time, talent and money to the work of the Coalition in the last seven years. We trust that you will be encouraged by our effort so far to give even more for good causes in our land. May God bless you

Bishop Precious Omuku – International Coordinator









Some of our objectives are -

Advancement of Education

*To provide competitive and benevolent scholarships to sons and daughters of Wakirike Se at all levels of formal education. *To provide facilities for learning and an enabling environment for teachers and the taught. *To advance the education of members of the public (in any part of the world) in the knowledge and understanding of Wakirike people.

Advancement of Enterprise

*The provision of microfinance loans to stimulate enterprise. *The advancement of education, training or retraining, and providing unemployed people with work experience.

Promotion of Good Governance

Advancing re-orientation of the mind-set of the people of Kirike Se at all levels towards the principles of godliness, selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and service/people-oriented leadership.

Promotion of Infrastructural development

*To harness the skills and expertise of the Wakirike people all over the world in improving the built environment and provision of public services in Kirike Se, with the objective of improving the quality of life of our people.

Promotion of Ethnic and Racial Harmony

*Promoting knowledge and mutual understanding between different ethnic and racial groups; advancing education and raising awareness about different groups to promote good relations between persons of different racial groups; and working with the geographical neighbours of Kirike Se towards the elimination of conflict and promotion of peace and development.

Promotion of networking among Wakirike-serving NGOs

Improving communication between non-governmental organisations, building capacity and facilitating joint-working towards development of our communities.